A Post-Apocolyptic Short Film

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BENEATH is the new short film from independent company Bokeh Pictures, written and directed by Al White (lead singer of indie band GHOSTLIGHT).

A true passion project that has been evolving and gestating for well over a decade in Al's mind and via various mediums including a short story, an attempted animation project and a graphic novel - the recent prosumer generation of hardware / software finally gave Al the chance to create a snippet of his stories World on a shoestring budget but to a gorgeously high standard.

Starring India Wadsworth (The Dark Knight Rises, Lip Service, Abercrombie and Fitch) and Tanroh Ishida (47 Ronin, Gambit) the cast and crew trusted in Al's vision and came on board freely so that the modest budget could be spent on travel, props, costumes and basic food and lodging costs.

They shot over a period of nine days, touching in London, Romford and Cambridgeshire but spending most of their time in the gorgeous lonely vistas of the Scottish Highlands visiting the snowy caps of the Cairngorms, the sprawling beauty of the Summer Isles and the unique forests and beaches at Lossiemouth and Roseisle.

Inspired by Director (and kind contact) Gareth Edward's Monsters from 2010, the crew was skeletal; comprising of a sound engineer, a production manager, an assistant and just Al White on directing and camera duties. They shot on the incredibly versatile and filmic EX3 / Letus Ultimate combination using a Nano Flash unit and old pre-ai Nikon Lenses for the most part.

Since returning home, Al has been editing all the footage himself and has also been handling the sound design as well as writing the impressively atmospheric score for the project.